Monthly Archive: April, 2011

Dance Of The Mad Bastards

“What is the truth about rock music? Music is a powerful, and perhaps the most powerful medium in the world. Music. Plato says when the music of a society changes, the whole society… Continue reading

Skewed Pop For Strange People

Just because I know you all have been clamoring for yet another album list… I love pop, but not the Top 40 variety. It has to be a little left of center for… Continue reading

Kidless in Old Hangtown and the current state of Rock and Roll

The wife and I dropped off the kids last weekend at the grandparents for Easter break. We uprooted them from that area last year so it was a good opportunity for them to… Continue reading

Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose

“Gonna trade in my snakeskin boots Gonna trade in my rhinestone suit ‘Cause I’m in cahoots with the ‘Artisans’ Who just happen to be my favourite band At the best, all the rest… Continue reading

More cheese, please!

Here’s a question for you: in your opinion, what is the cheesiest song ever recorded? My vote would have to be C.W. McCall’s timeless classic “Convoy”, lyrics below. Makes me chuckle and cringe… Continue reading

Rush: The World’s Biggest Cult Band

I understand why females don’t dig Rush. Singing about “the black holes of Cygnus X-1” and various other Dungeons and Dragons style mythology probably didn’t endear them to the fairer sex. And the… Continue reading

Trouser Press “Motherload”…

First, let me congratulate my little brother Rob and his bride, Julia, who just found out that they’ll be having a little daughter! As a father of two girls, I can tell ya… Continue reading

The Best Of Queen

In lieu of the Queen Remasters coming to a store near you I would like to take a critical reevaluation of the bands discography. The years I’ll be briefly synopsizing span 1973-1980 because,… Continue reading