A New Contributor!

I was contacted recently by a reader from Portland who, like Nick from the U.K., expressed an interest in joining our little family here at The Nightmare. He sent me a few samplings of his work and seems to be pretty simpatico with our musical philosophy here, so I figured “what the hell?” Here is his first post, folks. Please give him a warm Nightmare welcome!

Good day. My name is John Revelo and I live in Portland, Oregon. Have y’all seen the new IFC show Portlandia? The premise is that the place hasn’t changed one whit since 1993. It’s a place where young people go to retire. It’s a place where the mayor rides a bike to work and has a real affinity for native art, where residents ask for a history file on their locally grown chickens before ordering tenders at a restaurant. It’s a place where Aimee Mann has to take a job as a housekeeper to make ends meet. It’s cuts so close to the bone of reality it’s frightening, but it’s very, very funny. Anyway, enough of my yakkin’. Take a peek for yourselves.

In regards to my musical “bent”, well, I am approaching 50, so I was a teenager in the 70’s. I hate most of the rock of the 70’s, however. Bruce Springsteen, The Eagles and especially Led Zeppelin, can bite my ass. I prefer Television, Modern Lovers, Ramones, Nick Lowe and his buddy Elvis Costello, Talking Heads and The Clash. Uncle E has been kind enough to grant me space on his site here and I plan to use it to talk a little bit about some of the more obscure bands from my misspent youth. I’m fairly opinionated and often off-color in my writing. Fair warning. I would like it if you could give me feedback from time to time. I’m not the sensitive sort, so let it rip!

Here’s looking forward to a lot of great dialogue!