What’s Goin’ On?

It’s probably become quite apparent over the last few months that I’ve slowed down. I’m not sick, I’m still fanatical enough about music that I want to write about it on this here little forum I created. But sometimes…sometimes life intervenes; work pressures, family obligations and the fast pace of life in general takes over. I’ve done over 700 missives over the last few years on various musical (and sometimes not so musical) topics and it’s becoming more difficult to come up with posts I think you’ll find interesting.

I originally created this blog for three reasons: to connect with other like-minded music fanatics with the hope of turning on to new stuff, to exorcise my creative demons in the form of those silly “Bogus Band Bios” and to maybe, just maybe, turn some of you folks on to some of the music that has affected me so much over the course of my life.

I think I succeeded, mostly.

Look over on the right rail at the links and you’ll see the new friends I’ve made. Since 2008 they have, indeed, turned me on to new and exciting artists, reminded me of some I’ve forgotten and offered many, many hours of entertainment and enlightenment.

And although quite silly, those “Bogus Band Bios” and the other miscellaneous weirdness I’ve written about has diverted my attention enough to act as a strange sort of therapy for all of the day to day stresses I experience being a part of the newspaper industry.

Did I introduce some new music to you readers? I hope I did. If you haven’t purchased Giant Steps by The Boo Radleys yet then I hope you found my constant fan-boy praise entertaining at the very least. Actually, no. GO OUT AND BUY IT! NOW!

They say that the music you discover during your late high school/college years is the music that stays with you your entire life. I have found this to be mostly true, but it’s a foolish person who stops there. The older you get the pickier you get, so just look a little bit harder will ya? I am, of course, talking to myself here.

This is starting to read a little like an epitaph, but it is most certainly not. I don’t do as much research on new bands as I used to; I don’t buy as many cd’s as I used to; I don’t even listen to music as much as I used to (although, compared to “normal” people, I probably come across as a bit of an obsessive weirdo). It is my very real intention to carry on carrying on. So if you’d like, stay with me. I’m still an opinionated Eh-Hole at times, I still love music, and I’ll still write about it when the mood hits. I will also re-write and repost some of the old stuff, if only because the writing sucked and I want to make it better.

That was a tad lengthy, for a re-introduction, wasn’t it? If you’ve read this far then perhaps you’ll read a little further. Might as well, eh? Statistics prove you’re reading this at work, so be careful not to let the boss catch you, ok? He/she might think you’re weird and fire yer ass.

Here are a few things that have been taking up Uncle E’s brain space of late….

What the Hell is with Steven Tyler? Nazz over at “Bleedin’ Out” (right rail, folks) wrote a righteous ripping of the dude who looks like a lady a while back. You should go read it. It says everything I want to say about his segue to the Dark Side, and when I say “Dark Side”, I mean American Idol. For those of you with a life he’s now a judge on that show. I never thought very much of the guy, or his band for that matter, so it doesn’t really affect me in the same way it did Nazz. Nazz wanted to take his head off, I had a “meh” moment about it. I felt the same way when the surviving members of INXS did that “rock star” show where they attempted to find a replacement for Hutchence. Just pathetic, and while I was never a huge INXS fan I can only imagine that Hutchence is now haunting the Ferriss brothers in a very violent manner.

I am excited about some reissues. Nick Lowe’s Labour Of Lust (with bonus tracks!), Primal Scream’s Deluxe reissue of their seminal 1991 genre defining masterpiece Screamadelica and the Queen remasters. Labour of Lust is just a terrific album and has been out of print for I believe 20 years or more and rates just a tad below Jesus Of Cool IMHO. I’ve got all the songs, but not the package and only in MP3 3rd generation form, so…I’m excited. God Bless Yep Roc Records! I still only have my 1991 copy of Screamadelica and believe me when I say that it’s due for the treatment. The quality is muddy, and because this new reissue comes with the infamous Dixie Narco EP as a “bonus disk”, AND contains the amazing title track that was inexplicably left off the original album, I am ubber excited about this one. I’ll not be shelling out the $1,200 or so for the MEGA EDITION, or whatever the hell it’s called, but I’ll splurge on the $30 bucks for the mid-range product. And Queen…well, Hollywood did a shit-poor job when they released their versions back in ’91-’92. The sound is pretty terrible and those God awful hip-hop bonus tracks taint the whole package for me. Let’s hope these reissues are done properly, with the care and love this bands back catalogue deserves. No Rick Rubin this time, PLEASE?!?!?

A special thanks to Nick Haines from the UK, who’s joined the family here at the Nightmare, and who has added a decidedly British take on the music industry. Keep ‘em coming, my friend.

And, on a sad note: you may have heard about the school Principal that was shot to death by a janitor. This event happened half a block away from the paper I work for and it has devistated this small Northern California community. Over the next week or so, please give this man’s family some warm thoughts.

That’s it for now, folks! Catch ya’ll on the flip side…