Monthly Archive: February, 2011

A New Contributor!

I was contacted recently by a reader from Portland who, like Nick from the U.K., expressed an interest in joining our little family here at The Nightmare. He sent me a few samplings… Continue reading

“Jo Jo Was A Man Before He Was A Woman…”

Have you ever thought a song lyric was something totally different than what it actually was? I have. Many, many times. I’ve had lot’s of really silly debates about it, actually. For instance,… Continue reading

Sex, Robots, Drugs and James Murphy

Electronica. Music that emphasizes the use of electronic musical instruments or electronic music technology as a central aspect of the sound of the music; can include “dozens of stylistic fusions” ranging from danceable… Continue reading

A Random Shuffle of Thoughts…

Let’s talk about Neutral Milk Hotel for a moment. These guys (Jeff Mangum and some other guys, actually) only put out two albums: “On Avery Island”, and “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea”… Continue reading

4 Classics Revisited

As I eagerly await my pre-ordered, re-mastered copies of Nick Lowe’s Labour Of Lust and Screamadelica by Primal Scream I decide to dig through the vault. I find four albums, four forgotten classics… Continue reading


By Nick Haines… A week or so ago I woke in an unfeasibly good mood. My usual demeanor in the morning is one of grim fortitude interspersed by brief spells of inertia. Not… Continue reading

XTC: A Secret Obsession

XTC is a band that has been around for over three decades, has released a consecutive string of nine outstanding albums, has two of the best songwriters of the past 35 years (Colin… Continue reading

What’s Goin’ On?

It’s probably become quite apparent over the last few months that I’ve slowed down. I’m not sick, I’m still fanatical enough about music that I want to write about it on this here… Continue reading

Swooning Over The Carpenters

By Nick… If I was a Carpenter. Just turned the cd player off and….took a deep breath. Goddammit the Carpenters were good. Beautifully structured songs played immaculately, and as for Karen’s voice…. oh… Continue reading

Independent’s Day: A Very British Institution, Part Deux

The next step was inevitably to take a trip to London and visit Rough Trade and Small Wonder Records. These shops had established and credible mail order capabilities and could usually be relied… Continue reading