Music Is Love In Search Of A Word

“We’re now going to do a word association test. This test contains 12 words, or phrases. After I present each word, I’ll be expecting you to respond with a maximum of three examples. I want you to answer as quickly as possible with the first words that occurs to your mind.”

“Punk Rock”: Jello Biafra, Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins

“70’s Rock”: Queen, ELO, Ramones

“New Wave”: Smiths, O.M.D., The THE

“Progressive Rock”: Genesis, RUSH, Ozric Tentacles

“Singer/Songwriter”: Elvis Costello, John Prine, Johnny Cash

“Live Album”: At Budokan, Live At Leeds, Exit, Stage Left

“60’s Rock”: Beatles, Kinks, Stones

“Power Pop”: Teenage Fanclub, Big Star, Sloan

“Underrated”: Alice Cooper, Boo Radleys, Godley and Crème

“Overrated”: Cat Stevens, Eagles, Grateful Dead

“Biggest A-Hole”: Mike Love, Michael Stipe, Billy Corgan

“Squandered Talent”: Sting, Sting and Sting

“…ahhh, very interesting. Now, tell me about your Mother…”