The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leaky tire.

Once again, from Our Man In Amsterdam (on assignment covering the hash bars), part DEUX of his ongoing series. This one entitled…

The Futility Of Knowledge

A long time ago, an uneducated man was convicted of a crime of which he was innocent, and sentenced to 30 years imprisonment.

After a brief period of utter despair, he resolves to educate himself and write a definitive book on all knowledge accrued by mankind.

He sets to work, and with the aid of kindly gaolers gets access to tomes on Philosophy, Theology, Chemistry, Biology and Physics and learns to speak all the languages of the world fluently.

Long years pass and his mighty endeavor nears completion as his sentence reaches its end.

Five thick volumes of his work lie heavily on his desk as he writes the final paragraph of the final volume.

At last he is finished and with only months of his sentence left to serve, he wearily lays down his pen.

At that moment his prison door opens and a gaoler bursts in; “Good news my friend!” the gaoler shouts, they’ve found the man who committed the crime and you are free to go!”.

The prisoner gasps and asks how and why and who?,

The gaoler shrugs and smiles, “Who knows? Who cares?, You’re fee!”

The prisoner promptly takes a match to his books, torches his work and never speaks of his endeavor again.

I wish Tony Parsons and Julie Burchill had followed a similar path.