Nutricious and Refreshing!

Our guy from the Isle Of Man offers up the first post in a new, multi-part series, entitled…

The Thousand Year Stew.

There is a nomadic tribe in Africa with no contact with the outside world, who own no possessions bar a few animals, the clothes on their backs and a communal cooking pot.

They wander the hundreds of miles of their homeland, setting up camp where the grazing is good and live there for as long as seems appropriate before moving on to pastures new.

At each place they set up camp they would celebrate by making a delicious and nutritious stew in the cooking pot.

This was no ordinary stew. For over a thousand years the pot was never washed nor the contents ever completely consumed. A small quantity of the preceding meal was left at the bottom of the cooking pot and incorporated into the following meal. In this way the nomads of today could say that they were partaking of the same meal eaten by their ancestors a thousand years ago.

Music’s a bit like that.