Monthly Archive: January, 2011

Reason #466 Why The 80’s Didn’t Suck

Name of artist: Aztec Camera Primary songwriter: Roddy Frame Country of origin: Scotland Influenced by: Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, The Byrds Similar artists: Lloyd Cole, The Smiths, Prefab Sprout All Music Bio: For… Continue reading


Now what the hell am I gonna bitch about? From YepRoc Records… LONG-OUT-OF-PRINT ALBUM GETS DELUXE TREATMENT WITH BONUS TRACKS, 12-PAGE BOOKLET FEAT. BARNEY BUBBLES ARTWORK, NEW ESSAYS, AND MORE! As the bassist… Continue reading

Music Is Love In Search Of A Word

“We’re now going to do a word association test. This test contains 12 words, or phrases. After I present each word, I’ll be expecting you to respond with a maximum of three examples.… Continue reading

The return of Skarate!

My folks preferred to have their kids drink where they knew they could keep an eye on us. Back in the good old C.A.N.A.D.A., where I was raised, I used to throw “tunes… Continue reading

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leaky tire.

Once again, from Our Man In Amsterdam (on assignment covering the hash bars), part DEUX of his ongoing series. This one entitled… The Futility Of Knowledge A long time ago, an uneducated man… Continue reading

Nutricious and Refreshing!

Our guy from the Isle Of Man offers up the first post in a new, multi-part series, entitled… The Thousand Year Stew. There is a nomadic tribe in Africa with no contact with… Continue reading

Good God!

Yet another reason Sweden should stay out of the music business…CLICK HERE UPDATE: OOPS! Switzerland I believe, not Sweden. Sorry all you Swedes out there. Same diff…

Who’s Better, Who’s Best?

A brief discussion about the musical histories of America, the United Kingdom and…errr…Canada. USA: What’s Canada doing here? UK: Dunno, mate. Seems a little unfair. To Canada, I mean… CANADA: Don’t start off… Continue reading

Random thought…

Nothing makes me skip to the next album review in a music mag than the phrase, “If I had to give someone advice about the best starting point to explore Italian progressive rock… Continue reading

What I’m Listening To On My Way To Work This Week

I have enough time each week to listen to approximately 5 albums. It’s harder than you might imagine, for a nut-bar like me, to choose a mere 5, but I soldier through it… Continue reading