From The Vault Of Obscurity

The Albermarle Sound by The Ladybug Transistor: Inspired by the baroque sound stylings of Burt Bacharach and Brian Wilson, The Ladybug Transistor create an affectionate homage to a bygone era.

Alpacas Orgling by L.E.O.: An obvious and totally heartfelt E.L.O. recreation by members of power poppers Jellyfish, Hansen (!) and Chicago (!). Sounds terrible, but it’s really less pretentious, and musch more enjoyable, than you might think.

Car Wash OST by Rose Royce: Saturday Night Fever gets all the press, but this album, with it’s Bootsy-esque bass slaps and soulful backup singing by the Wilson sisters, Car Wash transcends the awful camp of the motion picture and is, without a doubt, one of the funkiest records you’ll ever hear.

Lilac Time, self titled: Stephen “Tin Tin” Duffy, as all music so cleverly states, could have been “the Pete Best of the 80’s”. He turned down a position in Duran Duran (lucky boy), created one synth pop smash hit with “Kiss Me”, and then proceeded to settle down and write some of the best and most affecting singer/songwriter pop this side of Robyn Hitchcock. And this, his first, is his best.

Life, by The Inspiral Carpets: An integral part of the Madchester scene of the late 80’s/early 90’s, the ‘Carpets debut is a unique slice of Farfisa organ drenched pop that is unfairly forgotten by most when discussing the important bands of that particular scene. One listen to the anthemia “This Is How It Feels” and you’ll know how I feel about this amazing album.

Enjoy The Creeps by The Creeps: “Sweden’s Newest Hitmakers!”, the sticker on the album cover states. Yes, I know, I’m breaking my own rule about band’s from Sweden, but this is an irresistible throwback to the early to mid-60’s, Nugget-era garage bands. And, yes, It’s been done (poorly, most often) a zillion times before, but these cheeky Swedes channel Them and The Animals better than anybody!