Monthly Archive: October, 2010

hAppY hALlOwEEn!!


Pixies Give Away Free Live Album

Reunited alt-rock pioneers Pixies are relaunching their website, and to mark the occasion, they’re giving away a free live show recording. It’s a doozy: The band’s triumphant set at Coachella 2004, an early… Continue reading

Digesting “Breakfast In America”

Here’s an interesting read about one of the most popular albums of the 1970’s, Supertramp’s “Breakfast In America”. I happen to love SUpertramp, don’t even consider them a “guilty” pleasure. They never really… Continue reading

Reason Number 424-B Why The 80’s Didn’t Suck

Album: Talk Talk Talk Artist: The Psychedelic Furs Release Date: 1981 Track Listing: Mr. Jones; No Tears; Dumb Waiters; She Is Mine; Into You Like A Train; It Goes On; So Run Down;… Continue reading

U2 Jump 3 Sharks At The Same Time!

U2 frontman Bono has revealed that Danger Mouse is working on their forthcoming album. The record, which is tentatively titled ‘Songs Of Ascent’ and is due out next year according to the band’s… Continue reading

Computer Go BOOM!

My computer, you know, the one with 16,000 songs on it? Well, it blew up. It gave me all the warning signs that something was terribly wrong by making little electronic “glitchy” sounds… Continue reading

Expiration Date Notwithstanding

A band past their prime making a fantastic return to form is as rare as finding a 1776 silver continental dollar in a street gutter. In other words, it’s a wonderful fantasy but… Continue reading

Pickin’ On Pitchfork, Vol II

The second post attempting to analyzing Pitchfork Media’s “Best Of” choices. This time it’s the 90’s: 010: Guided by Voices Bee Thousand [Scat; 1994] Why is lo-tech/ lo-fi so revered by the rock critic… Continue reading

Pickin’ On Pitchfork

Pitchfork. Safe haven to Cheetos stained fingertips and pilonidal cysts. The place all rock snob music critics go to die. The music site that usually abandons all logic (and melody, for that matter)… Continue reading

Teenage Head

Wonder if my page views will skyrocket given the title of today’s post? Sorry all you pervs out there, but I just wanted to take a few minutes and talk about a wonderful… Continue reading