Monthly Archive: September, 2010

What Does Your Taste In Music Say About You?

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Jumping The Shark: Music Edition

Jumping the musical shark” is a colloquialism used by music critics and fans to denote that point in a rock band’s history where they “lose the plot” and veer off into ridiculous or… Continue reading

Fun Rock And Roll Facts, Vol. IV: RUSH

Did you know…   …that Alex Lifeson tried to get Donald Duck comics banned from Canadian soil because he was offended that he(Donald, not Alex) doesn’t wear pants?   …that singer/bass player/keyboardist Geddy… Continue reading

Top 5 Albums of the ’00’s

  Is nothing original anymore? Was it ever? Or am I just turning into an aging hipster, the old curmudgeon that stubbornly states that the music of his generation was the only music… Continue reading

Match Game

If Stereolab… …had been around in the 60’s, they so could’ve done the soundtrack to The Party. And just because I’ve been on a Stereolab and Peter Sellers kick this week, here’s one… Continue reading

The Independent Order Of The Terminally Odd

  I like odd. I always have, especially when it comes to my music. Weird, ethereal, otherworldly, creative, left of center music that constantly challenges the very definition of what I consider art.… Continue reading

Top 5 Albums Of The 1990’s

Well here we are already, The 90’s, a key decade in my musical evolution. It was the decade where I discovered the joys of modern electronic music, but especially that psychedelic hybrid of… Continue reading

An Englishman In New York

In honor of Thom G, who is relocating (has relocated?) to New Yawk City, and who often posts videos on his estimable blog Surface Tension, I give you one of the weirdly compelling… Continue reading

Top 5 Albums Of The 1980’s

This little “test” of mine just keeps getting harder and harder. Each decade gets me closer to my formative teen years when music had a real impact. Like it or not I grew… Continue reading

Top 5 Albums Of The 1970’s

Ah, the 1970’s. Punk, metal, skinny ties, CBGB’s, disco, prog. About as different from the 60’s as it could be. Or was it? Queen, A Night At The Opera: It starts out with a… Continue reading