Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

The following is a true story, I swear to God. I say this because, given my history on this silly little blog of mine and especially the bogus band bios (and one in particular), you will have a hard time believing what I am about to tell you

I was sitting at my desk today when I received a call from an 88 year old woman. Here’s how it went down:

Me: “Good afternoon.”

88 Year Old Woman: “Uh, good afternoon. Not sure if you’d be interested in tickets to go see my son in law play a show in Roseville this Sunday.”

Me: “Well, you probably want to talk to the editorial department. This is the advertising department.”

88: “He’s really good, you should go too. I’ve got tickets to give you. He’s famous”

Me: “Well, who is he?”

88: “You sound too young.”

Me: “Try me.”

88: “He was in a very popular 70’s rock and roll outfit.”

Me: “Then I probably wouldn’t be too old. What Band was he in?”

88: “Styx.”

Me: “uhhhhh”, then silence.

88: “Sir?”

Me: “Yes Ma’am, I’m still here. What’s your son in law’s name?”

88: “Dennis.”

Me: “Dennis?”

88:”Yes, Dennis.”

Me: “De Young?”

88: “You know him, then?”

Me: “Heck, yeah. Mr. Roboto himself!”

88: “Pardon?”

Me: “Never mind.  You say you’ve got some tickets?”

88: “Yes, with backstage passes. He’s got a new band now, it’s not Styx anymore, but he’ll be playing his old hits. Let me find out some more information and I’ll send you some.”

Me: “Wow, thanks.”

And that’s how it ended. Depending on schedules, kids, etc, I may get to meet Mr. Roboto.


Seriously, it would be kind of fun to meet him. A kick in the head. A jolly old time. The bees knees.

I sure hope this isn’t a set up, because if he’s read any of my posts on him and/or his former band I may get the shit kicked out of me.

By frickin’ Dennis De Young.

What a strange day this has turned out to be.