Odd Pairings From The Pit Of Hell

I’m going to steal a topic from the fine folks over at NPR. It’s hotter than the seventh level of Dantes Inferno and I’m too lazy to think of anything original. Forgive my plagerism, but I thought it was an itersting enough topic to steal and pass along to you fine folks. Here ’tis: “Go through your CD collection, album collection, iTunes playlist or whatever and tell us two records/artists that sit oddly next to one another.  You can also tell us a bit about who you are and how this musical pairing might shed some light on your personality.”

Ok, I’ll go first. My name is Uncle E and I work for a newspaper in Northern (some would say Central) California. I was born near Silicon Valley in the late 60’s, moved to a smallish town near the huge town of Toronto Canada and stayed there until I got bored enough to move to San Diego, somewhere right around the time of the Rodney King riots/OJ Simpson trial/Northridge earth quake. I DJ’d for a spell at a college radio station, was a competitive swimmer until I started smoking (you can’t smoke and be a competitive swimmer–the cherry keeps getting wet).

What odd pairings do I have in my music library? Plenty. How ’bout:

ABC and Combustible Edison?

Brian Jonestown Massacre and Stereolab?

Todd Rundgren and Fad Gadget?

The Misfits and Gerry Garcia?

The Alan Parsons Project and Bad Manners?

Chuck Berry and Black Flag?

Del Shannon and Devo?

Elvis Presley and Kraftwerk?

The Replacements and Miles Davis?

Pop Will Eat Itself and Iron and Wine?

How does this shed some light on my personality. No idea whatsoever. Come to your own conclusions, and feel free to use words like schizophrenic, oddball, etc.

Now it’s your turn.