Bye Bye Love

I’m thinking of selling all of my hard copy cd’s. Well, most of them anyway. Do I really need these anymore? Most of the liner notes and cover art are so small that the physical product can barely be called “art” anymore. My logic for keeping them would be twofold. One, I need them for back up in case my ipod or computer crashes. But that doesn’t fly because I back up music library to another drive and make hard copy DVD files for everything I own at least once a year. My God, I even have them in two separate, secure locations! I suppose if my Ipod AND computer(s) crash and burn at the same time I’d need the hard copies, but that’s pretty far fetched.

Two, I like the liner notes and the album art, but as I said above that’s a moot point due to the fact that most cover art is made for Lilliputians nowadays. So number two would have to be the emotional aspect. They’re my buddies, my friends, that I can pull out, smell, caress and ogle (sounding a little soft-pornish, isn’t it?) whenever the mood strikes. But that hardly ever happens anymore, and I guess I’m out of reasons to keep lugging these things around.  I’ll keep some select stuff.

I’ll be damned if I’m gonna part with my Beatles remasters!

Maybe I’l just make them into something a little more functional, like this: