I’m The Chairman Of The Bored

Which artists have released the most music you own…but never listen to? I, myself have a number of bands and artists that would apply. Artists that I love (or, that I think I still love) and own a large portion of their discography that, either through over exposure or plain old apathy I just never listen to anymore.

Sometimes a neat thing happens, though, when I sit down and take inventory like this. I rediscover the artists merit and they become, once again, an artist on heavy rotation. The Beatles are like that. A few years ago I never listened to the Beatles, always skipped them when they appeared on my ipod shuffle. Then the remasters happened and suddenly the Beatles mattered to me again.

David Bowie tops my list right now. I own everything he released from Hunky Dory right through Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps), but I rarely find myself in the mood to listen to him. Queen, and I’m sure the reason here is overexposure instead of apathy, is another. Radiohead, the Sex Pistols, AC/DC, The Who, Pink Floyd and The Police are just a few others that have fallen off my radar.

How about you?