Summer Tunes!!

It’s time for Summer music!

More up-tempo guitar based songs in the morning, lazy acoustic strumming in the afternoon and sedate electronic noodling-type stuff in the evenings is usually my menu for these hot as hell July-August months. Decades and genres don’t matter much to me during this time, a good summer tune is a good summer tune, know what I mean? It’s a time when any genre can be mixed alongside another totally unrelated genre as long as the feel is similar.

Before the advent of the I-Pod I would have made mixed cd’s, which was time consuming and a little tedious and the tape used to melt in the player, which was a REAL pain in the ass. Now I just drag the songs I want into a play list. Much easier and certainly a lot faster.

A few selections of summer tunes for y’all:

A Girl Like You: The Troggs
The Only One I Know: The Charlatans UK
Waterloo Sunset: The Kinks
Psycho Killer: Talking Heads
Shut Your Eyes: The Shout Out Louds
Love Vigilantes: New Order
Casey Jones: The Dead
Accidents Will Happen: Elvis Costello
I Hear You Knockin’: Dave Edmunds
Higher Than The Sun: Primal Scream
Peaches: The Stranglers
Come Down On Me: Lemon Jelly
La Femme D’Argent: AIR
It’s Summertime: The Flaming Lips
Save The World: Orson
What You Do To Me: Tennage Fanclub
Redemption Song: Joe Strummer version
No Woman No Cry: Bob Marley
John Prine: The Sins Of Mephisto
Revolution Solution: Thievery Corporation
Everybody’s Happy Nowadays: Buzzcocks
Someday: Cracker
Soul Kitchen: The Doors
Like A Rolling Stone: Dylan
‘39: Queen
Wave Of Mutilation: The Pixies
You Are My Face: Wilco
Moon Over Marin: The DK’s
God Only Knows: The Beach Boys
Ballad Of Wendell Scott: Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper
Monkey Man: The Stones
Summertime Blues: Who (Live At Leeds)
Kalimba Story: Earth Wind and Fire
Nutted By Reality: Nick Lowe