Live Aid

Has it really been 25 years?

“Whereas the UK leg opened with a performance by the much-loved Status Quo (or, strictly speaking, the band of the Coldstream Guards), one of the opening acts on the US leg was an obscure local band called The Hooters. Geldof was incensed, telling Rolling Stone: “Who the fuck are The Hooters?

“My wife bought the family the DVD set of Live Aid and although there are some really abysmal moments we found ourselves really enjoying it, but most likely due to the nostalgia factor. See, we were both in high school back in ’85, both part of the much maligned “underground”, musically speaking (me, punk; her, pop-goth).  To be honest the lineup didn’t do it for me back then. It seemed to be chock-full of hippie has-beens and new wave wannabe’s. Led Zeppelin’s performance was so bad, in fact, that it’s been pulled from the DVD at the behest of Page/Plant. And what the hell were Spandeau Ballet doing there, anyway?

However, now that there’s 25 years separating me from the actual event I can acknowledge that there were some talented bands/musicians there. Take a look at the lineup and you be the judge:

Status Quo (London, 12 p.m.)
Style Council
Boomtown Rats
Adam Ant
INXS (from Melbourne, but played at approximately 1 p.m. in London)
Spandau Ballet

(Philly begins at this point!)
P – Joan Baez (Philly 9 a.m./London 2 p.m.)
L – Elvis Costello
P – The Hooters
Opus (from Vienna)
L – Nik Kershaw
P – The Four Tops
B.B. King (from The Hague)
P – Billy Ocean
P – Ozzy Osbourne
P – Run DMC (Philly 10:15 a.m./3:15 p.m. London)
Yu Rock Mission (from Belgrade)
L – Sade
L – Sting (3:15 p.m. London/10:15 a.m. Philly) (same as Run DMC)
P – Rick Springfield
L – Phil Collins
P – REO Speedwagon
L – Howard Jones
Autograph (from Moscow)
L – Bryan Ferry (4:10 p.m. London/11:10 a.m. in Philly)
P – Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young
Udo Lindenburgh (from Cologne)
P – Judas Priest (Philly 11:26 a.m./4:26 p.m. in London)
L – Paul Young (London 4:40 p.m./11:40 a.m. in Philly)
L – Bob Geldof welcomes America (5 p.m. in London/noon in Philly)
P – Bryan Adams (12:02 p.m. in Philly/5:02 p.m. in London)
L – U2 (5:20 p.m. in London/12:20 p.m. in Philly)
P – The Beach Boys (12:40 p.m. in Philly/5:40 p.m. in London)
L – Dire Straits/Sting (6 p.m. in London/1 p.m. in Philly)
P – G. Thorogood/Bo Diddley/Albert Collins
L – Queen (6:44 p.m. in London/1:44 p.m. in Philly)
David Bowie/Mick Jagger (on video)
P – Simple Minds
L – David Bowie
P – The Pretenders
L – The Who (8 p.m. in London/3 p.m. in Philly)
P – Santana w/Pat Metheny
L – Elton John
P – Ashford & Simpson w/T. Prendergrass
L – Elton John and Kiki Dee (9:05 p.m. in London/4:05 p.m in Philly)
L – Elton John, Kiki Dee, and Wham!
P – Madonna
L – Mercury and May
L – Paul McCartney
L – McCartney, Bowie, Townshend, Moyet, and Geldof
L – U.K. Finale (9:56 p.m. in London/4:56 p.m. in Philly)

(The rest are ALL in Philly!)

Tom Petty (5:14 p.m.)
Kenny Loggins
The Cars
Neil Young (6:07 p.m.)
The Power Station
The Thompson Twins
Eric Clapton (7:39 p.m.)
Phil Collins
Plant, Page, and Jones (8:13 p.m.)
Duran Duran
Patti LaBelle
Hall & Oates w/Eddie Kendrick and David Ruffin
Mick Jagger (10:15 p.m.)
Jagger and Tina Turner
Bob Dylan/Keith Richard/Ron Wood

…it could have been an amazing double bill, no?