New Acquisitions (and some trash talkin’ about Sweden)

Abandon all hope ye who dare delve deep into the musical delights of…Sweden?

So I was reading a record review the other day…

“The amazing thing about (insert generic band name/album here) is how whole it feels– the way it summons up every weird gift this Swedish brother/sister duo’s been blessed with…”

Full STOP.




Think I’ll pass…



The Monks, Suspended Animation (Itunes Download): A big hit with the Canadians. As a matter of fact, I believe this was only released in Canada at the time. Former rhythm section for  trad rockers the Strawbs, the Monks released their debut album Bad Habits as a lark but ended up with a surprise hit in their single “Nice Legs, Shame About Her Face.” “Don’t Bother Me (‘Cause I’m A Christian)” is a personal fave.

LCD Soundsystem, This Is Happening: Supposedly the last LCD Soundsystem release, This Is Happening continues in the same vein as it’s predecessor but ups the Berlin-era Bowie influence an absolute ton. Still digesting it, but so far so good!

MGMT, Congratulations: Dunno ‘bout this yet. First listen I would have to say it lacks the hooks of the debut, and ups the ante in regards to production and sound. Eh…I’ll let you know.

Lou Reed, Transformer (Remastered): Picked this up because my old one sounded like crap and this glam masterpiece warrants the investment.

The Ramones, Rocket To Russia and the debut (both Remasters): Classic 1st and 3rd albums by the bubblegum-punk band from Queens. Joey would have been 61 this week had he not been taken from us a few years ago. I needed these anyway, two undisputed brilliant albums that stand the test of time.

CCR, Bayou Country (Remastered)

Temptations, Psychedelic Soul: A 12 minute version of Papa Was A Rolling Stone…need I say more?

Elvis Costello, My Aim Is True (Remastered and Expanded Legacy Edition): Little disappointed in the packaging—very few liner notes—but the music is still fantastic. Sounds better than ever, too.

Paul McCartney and Wings, Band On The Run (Remaster w/Bonus CD): Still love this album, my second favorite McCartney release next to RAM.