Monthly Archive: May, 2010

Eat To The Beat

A true punk steals what he wants. And after reading one of the better, truer unromanticised essays on the New Yawk CBGB’s punk scene by the Travel Channel’s own food anarchist Anthony Bourdain,… Continue reading

Over Rated or Under Valued?

Oasis? Sex pistols? XTC? The Doors? Bob Dylan? Adam And The Ants? The Beach Boys? Billy Joel? Steve Miller? The Buzzcocks? Cheap Trick? E.L.O.? The Fall? Joe Jackson? John Lennon/Paul McCartney? Lou Reed/Velvet… Continue reading

New Acquisitions (and some trash talkin’ about Sweden)

Abandon all hope ye who dare delve deep into the musical delights of…Sweden? So I was reading a record review the other day… “The amazing thing about (insert generic band name/album here) is… Continue reading

Worst Lyrics Ever?

“If I was a sculptor But then again, no”–Elton John (Bernie Taupin, really…) “There’s an insect In your ear If you scratch It won’t disappear”–U2 “Leaving was never my proud”–REM (“proud” is not… Continue reading

Gary Numan: The Pleasure Principle

I’m almost through with my 80’s kick. One more item and I’ll jump back into this century… Q: What’s the difference between a great 80’s album and a shitty 80’s album? A: A… Continue reading

Making Plans With XTC

XTC is a band that has been around for over three decades, has released a consecutive string of nine outstanding albums and is blessed with two of the best songwriters of the past… Continue reading

Freedom Of Speech…Just Watch What You Say!

Had to share. I laughed ’till I cried, and boy did I need it this morning! If you are easily offended you better go somewhere else. Supreme Court Upholds Freedom Of Speech In… Continue reading

I’m Giving My iPod An Enema This Weekend

It’s time to purge my iPod of a few songs, ’cause I’m hitting “skip” way too often lately. Honestly, do I really need an 11 minute version of Disco Inferno?

1990-1991: Simply Loaded

The years of 1990-1991 were musical ground zero for me, kind of like how I imagine ’66-’67 were to the hippie generation. It was a time when I threw my punk pretensions out… Continue reading