“Fie on thee, thou progressive rock harlot!”

I have been very honest about my “guilty little secret”, which for those of you who can’t recall is my affection for the poppier side of progressive rock. Yes, I enjoy the odd Rush, Alan Parsons Project, Pink Floyd and Genesis album. That being said, though, I do not consider myself a prog rock fan, and here’s why: to be a true prog rock fan, I am told, is to limit one’s musical input to this one genre. I do not understand how a true music fan, especially one over the age of 20, can limit themselves to one very specific type of music? I assume I’ll get some angry comments, and I couldn’t care less. It’s the truth. Now, I must say, there are a lot of casual progressive rock fans out there, like me, who are open top new experiences. It’s not “them” I am referring to. It’s the “others”, those who can’t enjoy a song unless it’s over 19 minutes long and contains Viking imagery in the lyrics. Don’t take yourselves too seriously, folks. Life’s too short.

In trolling around the web today I came across a review for the Beatles “Revolver” on progarchives.com. Here it is in it’s entirety:

“Many state that “Revolver” is the first Progressive Rock BEATLES release, I strongly disagree with this, even though it’s an effort to leave behind the good boys Pop hits from the early years, they still don’t manage to start a real transition to Psyche or Proto Prog, and the album is way behind “Abbey Road” and even the overrated “Sgt Peppers”

The album starts with “Taxman” and honestly don’t get what they pretend, sounds as Proto Punk rather than Proto Prog, the constant repetition of a couple of chords is simply boring,. even when the vocal work is much better than the instrumental.

“Eleanor Rigby” is a great leap, at last the are trying to create an almost Symphonic mood (before Symphonic Rock even existed), the delicate and melancholic string arrangements adds a perfect touch, because unlike other bands who added artificial orchestral intros and codas, here the orchestration is an integral part of the song, just perfect.

“I’m only Sleeping” is an attempt of early Psychedelia, still they can’t live the simplicity of early years but they are advancing, not great result, but as I said before, it’s an advance. As usual the underrated George Harrison adds the Eastern sound with Indian instruments and interesting arrangements, THE BEATLES are starting to embrace early Psychedelia, with an interesting fusion of Rock and Ethnic music.

“Here, There and Everywhere” is a nice but non transcendental song, somehow they resist to leave the sound that lead them to be the most important band of the early 60’s.

“Yellow Submarine” must be the most boring, repetitive and dull song I ever heard, I simply can’t understand how a couple of talented composers like Lennon & Mc’Cartney released something so absurd and ridiculous, sounds almost a caricature.

“She Said” is a nice trippy song with the spirit of the late 60’s, a huge improvement since the last previous horrendous track or the following song (“Good Day Sunshine”) which doesn’t interests me a bit.