Psychedelic Shuffle

Been on a 60’s kick this week. Since my new commute is now only 15 minutes each morning I only get to hear about 1.5 hours of music a week. For some reason (perhaps it’s my proximity to San Francisco, maybe ’cause I was conceived during the so-called “Summer ‘O’ Love”) I have been drawn to music made by men with beards this week. So, here it is, my playlist for the week. I did edit this a little, keeping it to one track per artist or it would have been one third Beatles, one third Kinks and one third Bob Dylan. Oh, and I kept the commentary to one line only this time. Lucky you!

White Light/White Heat, The Velvet Underground: “Distortion with a melody and the sound of shooting speed.”

Tomorrow Never Knows, The Beatles: “Seagulls have never sounded so scary.”

Orange Skies, Love (From De Capo): “Eh…it’s no Alone Again Or…”

Get Off My Cloud, The Rolling Stones: “From another time when the Stones actually mattered.”

Jackie Wilson Said, Van Morrison: “One of my all time faves from Van The Man!”

Mellow Yellow, Donovan: “I’m warming up to the man, Phil.”

Care Of Cell 44, The Zombies: “Although I was a little late to the Zombies Party I am making up for it by playing this album at least once a month in it’e entirety.”

Friend Of The Devil, Grateful Dead: “The sound of a million Deadheads sucking on Amyl Nitrate balloons.”

1969, The Stooges: “Bye-bye 1960’s.”

Stand By Me, Ben E. King: “I’ll always think about that Steven King movie whenever I hear this.”

Effigy, CCR: “Swampy blues from 4 cats from Lodi, California…go figure”

Marrakesh Express, Crosby Stills and Nash: “Anyone got any Cheetos?”

A Well Respected Man, The Kinks: “Top hats and rain.”

Peace Frog, The Doors: “Scratchy funk protest music from Mr. Morrison & friends.”

Shakin’ All Over, The Guess Who: “Hey, these guys are from Canada!.”

Hold On, I’m Comin’, Sam And Dave

Welcome, The Who: “A quick one, from Tommy, while he’s away.”

Love Or Confusion, Jimi Hendrix: “Still blowin’ minds!”

Psychotic Reaction, Count Five: “The nugget from Nuggets, and a little slice of garage rock heaven.”

Chestnut Mare, The Byrds: “Why did the Byrds get better on the way down?”

Up On Cripple Creek, The Band: “4 Canadians (and one southern boy) make the best Americana of the decade.”

Cowgirl In The Sand, Neil Young: “A massive triumph, coming just 6 months after his solo debut.”

Changes, Moby Grape: “Sadly underrated at the time.”

A Change Is Gonna Come, Sam Cooke: “Full of legitimate empathy and a little bit of menace.”

It’s Alright Ma I’m Only Bleeding, Bob Dylan: “Come on, it’s Dylan in the 60’s!”

Linus And Lucy, Vince Guaraldi Trio: “I still dance like the Peanuts gang whenever I hear this.”