A Quick Break From Music Blogging

In the 23 or so years I’ve been in the newspaper business I have never been exposed to something this weird and sad.  A man wrote his own obituary, slipped it through our front door, walked over to a bridge, put a noose around his neck and jumped. One of our front desk employees found it in the morning, read it and almost had a coronary. She promptly called the police. What makes this especially strange is the fact that this town’s “nickname” is Hangtown. It’s where gold was first discovered and has a very violent history in a wild west kind of way. Here’s an excerpt from the lead story in our little local paper:

“A man whose hanged body was found Wednesday morning apparently wrote his own obituary and an explanation letter that was delivered to the Mountain Democrat the night before.

The letter addressed “to the Placervillians” reads, “An explanation might be in order. Yes, I have hanged myself (At least I hope I did) … I have/had emphysema for the past few years and lately it has really been hard to struggle to even catch a breath. I really cannot convey to you how very hard it was to even try to take a really deep breath. There just wasn’t any to take … My quality of life had been dramatically altered in the past few years and I believe in euthanasia.”

The envelope included a picture, apparently of Peters, with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. He is wearing a baseball cap with True Value written on it. There also was a money order for $90, the exact amount for an obituary with a picture included.

The letter went on to thank El Dorado County “for being who you are.” It thanked staff at True Value Hardware, Hollywood Video, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Green Valley Community Church and Grand China restaurant.

The note concluded, “And to the people I didn’t mention, probably due to dementia, I am sorry.”

The above is true, and very, very sad.