What I Listened To On My Ipod Yesterday

First, some sad news: one of the most consistently enjoyable bands of the last 15 years is breaking up. Supergrass are no more, folks, so rush out and buy their back catalog.  Oh, and Malcolm McClaren died.

Next: there used to be a blog I followed entitled “What I Listened To On My Way To Work Today (WILTOMWTWT)”, where the author would simply list the songs that came up on his iPod shuffle in the order they appeared, then offer a thought or two on some of the songs (what they meant to him, personal notations, etc). Lastly he would rate the play list on a scale of 1-10.  Long story short, he gave up for some reason or another and while I don’t have the time or the interest in committing to a daily post (ie, taking over where he left off) I felt I would try and do it occasionally. So here goes, the first installment. No skipping songs is the key.

I Want You, The Beatles: Not my favorite song off Abbey Road, a little “dirgy” for me. But hey, it’s the Beatles, and I will always have a hard time fast-forwarding the Beatles. Ringo’s drumming is the best part of the tune.

Frivolous Tonight, XTC: This track is from what is quite possibly my favorite XTC album “Apple Venus, Vol 1” and a lesson for all up and comers in how to write a great 3 minute pop song. Paul McCartney should be jealous.

Out In The Streets, The Shangri-La’s: Not too familiar with particular genre, I’ll admit. Decent song, though, and made Pitchfork’s Top 200 Songs Of The 1960’s.

You Sexy Thang, Hot Chocolate: A guilty pleasure, but I dare anyone out there to try and not sing along.

I’m Going Home, Tim Curry: Tim Curry playing the flamboyant transvestite and appearing on the Rocky Horror Motion Picture Soundtrack; the song appears right before Riff-Raff blasts him with his wonderfully cheesy laser blaster in the pool. A classic!

Eclipse, Pink Floyd: A short number off Dark Side Of The Moon. Hard to listen to Floyd on shuffle. They will always remain an album band for me.

Coney Island Cyclone, Mercury Rev: An early one from the Rev, and much noisier than their later, more symphonic output. Not my favorite from the Catskill Mountain boys.

Insight, Joy Division: I always have to psych myself up to listen to Joy Division. I’ll be honest, since I wasn’t in a suicidal mood this morning I hit “skip” about half way through the tune and was rewarded with…

Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living), The Eels:…jaunty little number from the Eels.

A Boy Named Sue, Johnny Cash: My dad used to play this for me as a kid and it remains one of those songs that instantly transports me back to when I was about 9 years old.

Apeman, The Kinks: A slight but fun number from the Village Green contingent. As catchy as the Swine Flu.

Remember I Was Vapour (Live), Gary Newman: What an underrated musician, and so very influential. Still going strong I hear.

Lover, You Should Have Come Over, Jeff Buckley: I’ll catch some grief for this, but I think that Buckley was overrated, although his version of Hallelujah is still the best I’ve ever heard.

The Acid Queen, The Who: This one’s from Tommy. Not my favorite from the Who, a little too predictable and formulaic.

Oxygene5, Jean Michel Jarre: We end with a song from a true original, and a national treasure of France. An electronic symphony in 6 parts. He never equaled this masterpiece, but who could?

Rating: 8/10 Not bad, but could be better. On a personal note, my daily commute to and from work is about an hour, not including side trips to businesses throughout the day, and this will be decreasing dramatically when I move a LOT closer to work starting this weekend. I may have to change it to, “What I Listened To On My Weekend/Week/Month, whatever. We’ll see.