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I don’t know about all of you, but finding like-minded music fan-addicts in the real world (as opposed to this Matrix-like cyber world) is a rare and difficult thing. I can count on one hand the amount of friends that have shared my passion/obsession with music. As most of you are aware my tastes are eclectic and varied, ranging from the very odd and left-of-the-dial to the pop mainstream. I have met many music fans, but most stick to one of maybe two genres at the most. Prog fans are the worst. They rarely deviate from that particular style and are very reticent to try anything else. And God help the individual that tries to debate the merits of Spock’s Beard to the diehard prog fan. I have been at the receiving end of their wrath and it’s not a fun place to be.

Which is why I continue to do this blog. I have met many aficionados who have introduced scores of great bands and artists to me, many of which have become favorites. The “how the hell have I gone 40+ years and not known about (Band X/ArtistZ)” moments have been many and I really appreciate it.

So while the in person connections remain pretty obscure I am thankful for the online community this here little blog has afforded me over the last couple of years. For what it’s worth I will continue to post here and enjoy your blogs, but given the upheaval in my life of late I may not be posting as often.

But that’s life.