Monthly Archive: March, 2010

Teenage Fanclub: A Casual Introduction

One of the greatest, unheralded power pop bands with one of the dumbest names imaginable, I give you the basics on the magnificent Teenage Fanclub: SUBJECT: Teenage Fanclub COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Scotland YEAR… Continue reading

This post has no title

I don’t know about all of you, but finding like-minded music fan-addicts in the real world (as opposed to this Matrix-like cyber world) is a rare and difficult thing. I can count on… Continue reading

Wanna know what I would do with a million dollars?

I’d convert my garage into this!

Don’t Lie To Me…Alex Chilton is dead?

Yes it’s true and it’s a sad loss for power populists all over the world. It’s a loss on the level of Joe Strummer in my opinion. In honor of this amazing and… Continue reading

Bad Lieutenant ain’t all that bad!

I’m going to beat Thom G to the punch here and offer up the Bad Lieutenant video. This is the new project of Joy Division/New Order founding member Bernard Sumner and it ain’t… Continue reading

Fish Tacos Rule!

The paper I work for is having me do an anonymous restaurant review and I am using this opportunity to be as subversive and silly as possible without blowing my cover. As is… Continue reading

James Brown’s body goes missing, according to his daughter

James Brown’s body has been stolen, according to his reported love child LaRhonda Pettit. The soul legend’s body was put in a crypt after his death on Christmas Day in 2006. Since then… Continue reading

Fun Rock And Roll Facts From The Archives

Fun Facts About Steely Dan Did you know… …that Walter Becker and gonzo journo Hunter Thompson were arrested after they filmed a sci-fi porn movie at the world famous annual Munich Beer Festival… Continue reading

Second Best

A quickie post about the SECOND best album in an artists catalog. Nick Lowe Jesus Of Cool has and will always remain my favorite from the Basher. And while Labour Of Lust is… Continue reading