Screamadelica Is Turning 20!

One of the seminal and most influential albums of the 1990’s,  Screamadelica will turn 20 at the dawn of 2011. From The Quitus:

“To Mark the 20th anniversary of the release of their landmark album Screamadelica; Primal Scream have decided to treat their fans by performing the album live in full on November 27th at London’s Olympia.

Released in 1991; the Mercury Music Prize winning Screamadelica is regarded as one of the defining albums of the 1990s and the late Paul Cannell’s cover design has recently been selected by the Royal Mail as one of their ten classic rock stamps.

Some of the songs haven’t been played live before and many haven’t seen the light of day for years so to help dust them off, they’ve expanded their lineup for the night with a gospel choir, brass section plus the one-off return of singer Denise Johnson.

t the time of the record’s release Bobby Gillespie said ‘We’ve actually made a classic record which people will be able to listen to in 40 years time and it will sound as relevant as it does now.’

Well, we’re half way there now so this is the chance to to see how his prediction is coming along.”

I was lucky enough to see this tour back in ’91 (or was it ’92? I’ll have to check my concert stub), and I remember it being filled with all sorts of kalidoscopic spirally goodness, all good vibes and flashing strobe lights. The album still sounds good to my ears, but like all music with electronics at it’s core it is somewhat tied to it’s time. I am looking forward to the obligitory “Deluxe” remaster/reissue, and I hope they include the albums title track this time.