Dennis DeYoung Update (A little bit of nonsense)

Dennis De Young, onetime lead singer for baby prog band STYX, has joined The Nightbreed at their home of Midian.

Dennis (pictured far left), developed an aversion to sunlight soon after his turn as Quasimodo in the Blaine Community Players version of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame around 1994. His time spent in seclusion has dramatically affected his appearance, most notably his head taking the shape of a banana (a condition unique to Dennis and subsequently named “Domorobotoism”).

His only public appearance since the diognosis (the a fore mentioned “Hunchback” performance) was a disaster, and it was then that he fled to Median to join The Nightbreed. Little is known of The Nightbreed, but we do know that many are sensitive to sunlight. Cabal, the leader of The ‘Breed (according to one eyewitness account), welcomed Dennis into their fold with open arms and even placed Dennis’ quarters in close proximity to the berserkers, an honor usually befitting a member of greater tenure.

At any rate we wish Dennis luck with his new family, and as I hear additional updates I’ll be sure to let you know