Monthly Archive: February, 2010

Fun With Search Engine Terms

One of the most rewarding aspects about maintaining this blog is finding out how people find the site. Now, while I have about 30-50 (depending on the day and topic) fairly consistent readers,… Continue reading

Like I needed another reason to loathe Devendra Banhart

A recent article in MOJO about everyone’s favorite faux hippie starts this way: Digging around in the fridge, Devendra Banhart comes up brandishing two bottles. “Coconut water”, he smiles, handing one to MOJO.… Continue reading

Screamadelica Is Turning 20!

One of the seminal and most influential albums of the 1990’s,  Screamadelica will turn 20 at the dawn of 2011. From The Quitus: “To Mark the 20th anniversary of the release of their… Continue reading

An Open Letter To The Folks Who Wrote “Freebird”

“Ok, ok, ok. I get it. You can’t change. Now will you please just shut the f*&k up?!?!?!?!”

Nostalgia Friday!

Anyone remember this?

Dennis DeYoung Update (A little bit of nonsense)

Dennis De Young, onetime lead singer for baby prog band STYX, has joined The Nightbreed at their home of Midian. Dennis (pictured far left), developed an aversion to sunlight soon after his turn… Continue reading

The 1980’s (a tragically underrated decade, musically speaking)

I’ll be 42 this month and over the last couple of years I’ve been contacted with ghosts (friendly ghosts, mind) from the past wanting to reconnect via Facebook. It’s been neat to see… Continue reading

T$#T Of The Year Award

…well, that was a long meeting! Just been busy with work, home life, you know, the usual shit. But all of a sudden a thought occurred to me, an oversight that I needed… Continue reading