Another Meaningless List

Blog posts on an artists’ “best” album are legion, and any debate on the subject is more often than not an exercise in ineffectuality. I have been found guilty of thinking my posts on this very subject will be a revelation to some poor bastard who has never heard “Revolver”. Oh, how delusional.

A much more interesting topic for discussion is a bands worst album, but the fine folks over at 3min, 49seconds are doing a more than adequate job with that particular subject.

So what’s left? How about “second best” album? Sure, why not! Of course this is still very subjective and totally indulgent, but I’m bored and have a few minutes to spare. I was going to publish a draft of a post I wrote a while back entitled, “People Who Smoke Clove Cigarettes Are Douche Bags”, but it felt a little too prickly and confrontational for a Wednesday.

So here I am, presenting yet another ridiculous list of meaningless personal opinion. Without further adieu…

Since the Eels have just released their second album in less than a year I thought I’d start there. Electro Shock Blues, an album of dark introspection and inventive time structures, is considered the Eels best overall and most cohesive album. I agree. Their second best is Daisy’s Of The Galaxy. Now if Blinking Lights And Other Revelations was paired down to a single album then it might have been a bit closer to call, but to my ears it’s a little bloated. That, coupled with the fact that Daisy’s contains one of my all time favorite lyrics (Grace Kelly Blues), makes this an easy one.

This one won’t be popular, but I contend that London Calling is the Clash’s second best album, losing out to Sandinista!. Sure, it’s bloated and self indulgent, full of sound “experiments”, but to me it’s always been the more interesting album of the two.

Oops, forgot about a meeting I had scheduled. Gotta go.

To be continued…