A High Fidelity Moment

I pulled a High Fidelity the other day.

I reorganized my albums by decade, then alphabetically and chronologically by artist. Previously they were boringly organized alphabetically and chronologically. I knew I shouldn’t have started this but I was bored and needed to kill an hour or so. Trouble was it took me over three hours to complete. Stacks and stacks of cd’s littered the floor and after half an hour or so my back started to hurt from all the bending over and sorting, but I had to continue, had to finish.

Which I did eventually, and I noticed a few interesting facts about my collection I thought I’d share with the rest of you minutiae-loving music fans.

Fact #1: 30% of my collection is comprised of 70’s material, 50% is split evenly between the 80’s and 90’s, and the remaining 20% is all 1960’s and 2000’s albums.

Fact #2: Most of the 1960’s stuff is 1965-1969; the 70’s albums cover the entire decade; the 80’s is all early stuff spanning the years 1980-1985; the majority of the 90’s is early and about 75% of the 2000’s stuff is the latter half of the decade.

Fact #3: I didn’t know what to do with all of the “Greatest Hits” comps, so I organized them alpha and chronologically at the end of the shelf. A cop out to be sure, but I was tired and didn’t feel like thinking anymore.

Fact #4: I have far more English bands in my collection than any other country, although the US is gaining due to some excellent additions from the prior decade.

Fact #5: I don’t recall ever buying Jim Croce’s Greatest Hits!?!?!?

Fact #6: Since I burn cd’s and print covers of all my digital downloads I can easily calculate how much money I’ve spent in the last few years on itunes and emusic and it makes me ill. Jesus, I could’ve bought a new car!

Fact #7: My late 70’s early 80’s punk rock fetish is poorly represented. All that vinyl was never replaced except for some choice albums by the Damned, The Clash, The Ramones and Dead Kennedy’s. Guess I don’t have angst in my pants anymore…

Fact #8: Although I thought I had purged my collection of all of the duds I have bought over the years I still found a few. I still had albums by the Soup Dragons, The Farm and Carter USM. Sheesh!

Fact #9: I am a compulsive obsessive, a sick individual and definitely need to get a life.