Uncle E’s Favorite Blogs Of 2009

Partly Fiction: Pal Hal Johnson, a personal friend of mine and father to my 9 year old daughter’s “boy friend”, is an excellent writer, he just doesn’t know it. His stories run the gambit from fictionalized accounts of his day to day life to fantasy, and I am always entertained and more than often quite touched by his humanistic approach. He doesn’t update as often as I’d like, but when he does it’s always a treat.

Fatherly Advice And Rants: A cranky old man with an impressive Ipod library writes about music, his old cars (a wonderful article, highly recommended), his family and many many things that piss him off. A good friend, a terrible poker player and a pretty entertaining writer it turns out.

The Song In My Head Today: The content on this blog is just what it says in the title. A good portion of the songs revolve around The Kinks, Nick Lowe, Elvis COstello and Robyn Hitchcock, which is enough to get me coming back, but Holly is open to new genres and artists as well such as power poppers Fountains Of Wayne and Vampire Weekend. The entries are in depth and quite entertaining, as she injects great humor and warmth to each one of her posts. A true music FAN. This woman should be making a great living with her writing. I don’t know her personally, so maybe she is, but if she isn’t, she should.

Hitler’s Titties: Nice blog title, eh? When you consider the author (the one and only Philbert) you’ll understand why he chose this title. I’m not even going to explain the content in this one. Just go there and laugh yourself silly.

A Future In Noise:  Prolific, extremely talented and a great nose (ear?) for underground music discoveries. Her excellent-ness is magnified by the fact that she’s only 20 something. She still needs to buy the Olivia Tremor Control’s two albums, though. Marilyn, I’m waiting…

Any Major Dude With Half A Heart: With blog posts such as “Pissing Off The Taste Police”, “Twattery In Pop”, “Pop Moustaches” in addition to many several part series including the magnificent Intro Quizzes how can you go wrong? Not just about Steely Dan, I can asssure you…

Bleedin’ Out: More ascerbic than some, but right up my alley! Proof? Recent blog entry is entitled “Attn: Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Eat Shite”. Yeah, baby! He’s a musician in a punk band and writes about The Damned, Black Flag and Bob Dylan. What? Bob Dylan??!? You bet your ass.

Mark My Words: Although he only averages about two posts a month, when he does write it is usually something exceptional (unlike me, who’s afflicted with diarrhea of the mainframe). It doesn’t hurt that he’s a big Nick Lowe fan, either. And he (along with Holly) helped me see the genius of one Robyn Hitchcock.

Songs Without Which: A music blogger who’s passion for music is evident in the variety of bands and genres he covers. Posts on the Doors, The Clash, The Buzzcocks, Fleetwood Mac, The Cars, Jean Michel Jarre, Joe Cocker and Massive Attack are educational and always entertaining.

Spatula Forum: God I really love this blog! The similarities in our taste of music, books and comics makes me wish I lived in New Zealand so we could swap pop culture collections. I am particularly fond of his in depth series on Steven King. Plus, I believe he’s a fellow newspaper sufferer. Poor bastard.

Surface Tension: Yet another newspaper journalist (again, poor bastard) who really should be writing novels. I’ll let Thom speak for himself: “I’m sometimes an asshole; I’m fiercely loyal; I’m a work in progress; I swear too much; I write for a newspaper and put the weird shit here; I can cook; push and I’ll push back; I am a hopeless romantic and realist.” The most prolific of all the writers on my blogroll, Thom’s posts always push the enveloppe but are always entertaining and often poignant. Plus he’s got great taste in punk rock.

The Songs That People Sing: One of the oldest blogs on the blogroll, this music lover is a friend to all things that go “pop”, and from every decade in rock history. Like others on this list I sure wish he’d post new entries more often, but I guess theguy has a life.

Starlight Dreamvision Academy: This warped individual is an old high school chum who co-published our International Anarchist Newspaper and SPUNK! in high school, which didn’t endear us much to the powers that be. Well, he grew up and remains extremely talented. Check him out.

Pink Hollyhock and Home Front: Two of my favorite people and both are excellent writers. Steve (Home front) is a published crime author who’s sense of humor is injected into virtually  everything he writes and Kelly (the other one) is Steve’s wife, the former Editor of my former newspaper, the co-founder of A News Cafe (see below) and one hell of a nice person.

Other places you should go include: THE QUIETUS; allmusic; ALL SONGS CONSIDERED; A NEWS CAFE and, even though I don’t always agree with their reviews PITCHFORK.