Odds and Sods/Leftovers From 2009

Some of you are going to be pissed off at me, but….

…for me the story of the Beatles starts in late 1965, with Rubber Soul. To be honest I don’t reserve much listening time for anything prior to that. It’s not that the songs weren’t good; come on, it’s the Beatles for Pete’s sake. It’s just that I believe they pale by comparison to their later work, lacking substance and originality. Not complicated or challenging in the least. Still in debt to Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley. Hadn’t yet found their own muse.

There were gems here and there, of course: Yesterday, Help, Ticket To Ride, and a few others, but the majority was just…rock and roll. Nothing wrong with that, but to me it gets kind of old pretty quickly. I can appreciate that they were growing as songwriters, and that at the time sappy lyrical content was de rigueur, but it all sounds so naive to these ears.

That being said, everything they did after Help is pure genius. Well, maybe a few songs off of the White album miss the mark just a smidge…and 25% of Let It Be…and….


Is it just me, or was 2009 a really great year for really great albums?  It seems there was more quality stuff released the last 11 months than was put out the prior 3 years.


A recent Cal Tech study suggests that smart people listen to Beethoven, The Beatles and Sufjan Stevens, while not-so-smart folks listen to Lil Wayne, Josh Groban and Kenny Chesney. It’s got a lot of people really mad, but it seems feasible/ reasonable to me! 🙂


What the hell is so special about Animal Collective? Sorry, but they suck.


Can anyone tell me just when the hell YepRoc is going to release a re-mastered and expanded version of Nick Lowe’s Labour Of Lust? I’m jonesin’ here!


Maybe I’m just an old punk, but old punk was/is so much better than so-called new punk. Give me DRI, DK’s, Black FLag, The Damned, The Clash, The Pistols, The Misfits, The Exploited, Angry Samoans, Dayglo Abortions, The Ramones, The Voidoids, Richard Hell, The Undertones, Minutemen, Motorhead, The Dictators, Big Black, SNFU, NOMEANSNO, The Buzzcocks, Sham 69, The Germs, DOA, Teenage Head, Forgotten Rebels, the Stranglers, Crass, Angelic Upstarts, Generation X, Stiff Little Fingers, Wire, Flipper, Butthole Surfers, Circle Jerks, Minor Threat, MDC, TSOL, Agnostic Front and Suicide over poseurs NOFX and Green Day, anyday.