Monthly Archive: December, 2009

The Dark Side Of The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips, with their release of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon, have indeed earned the title of the “Fearless Freaks”. It takes some very large cajones to cover a song… Continue reading

Uncle E’s Favorite Blogs Of 2009

Partly Fiction: Pal Hal Johnson, a personal friend of mine and father to my 9 year old daughter’s “boy friend”, is an excellent writer, he just doesn’t know it. His stories run the… Continue reading

Merry Christmas From Nick Lowe!

Nick Lowe will appear tonight, Dec. 23, on the second season of Elvis Costello’s fabulous television series Spectacle. Airing on the Sundance Channel at 9pm EST, the show is an amalgam of interviews,… Continue reading

An Appreciation For Supergrass

In the annals of history Britpop will most probably be remembered for the ridiculous feud between the brothers Gallagher and Blur, but the world would be better off if it remembered it for… Continue reading

Rainy Day Favorite Albums

My friend Jim Dyar over at A News Cafe recently posted his favorite rainy day films and I thought I’d steal his idea, switch it up a little,  and list some of my… Continue reading

Odds and Sods/Leftovers From 2009

Some of you are going to be pissed off at me, but…. …for me the story of the Beatles starts in late 1965, with Rubber Soul. To be honest I don’t reserve much… Continue reading

“Anybody who thinks Will Smith is a great actor truly has his head stuck up his piehole.”

You may remember one Mr. Alan Williamson. He’s the guy that posts horrendously stupid album reviews on, often lambasting the most critically acclaimed while praising the sublimely ridiculous. I posted about this… Continue reading

Update On The Snow Issue

Here’s a current photo of my house after the big snow storm:

I’m Mr. 10 Below…

I can’t believe it. I thought when I moved to California from Canada back in ’94 that I’d seen the last of the old white stuff. But nooooooooooooooooooooooo. The snow started late Sunday… Continue reading

De-Souled, De-Rocked, De-Popped, Arid And Bereft

The great David Stubbs talks about Paul Morley and the (De) Evolution of pop music. Worth your time.