Bands Harboring Pathogenic Bacteria…

…or “When Good Bands Go Bad”. Or, “Flogging A Dead Horse”. Or…

I didn’t include Journey, STYX, Sammy Hagar, Guns and Roses, Foreigner, and a host of other bands here because you actually had to have had a prime during your career to qualify.

The WHO: Should have given up after Keith Moon died. They carried on, released two really crappy albums, staged a number of “goodbye and farewell” concerts citing that “This is absolutely the last one,” and ultimately ended up shitting all over their greatness in the process. Their sixties and early 70’s output still impresses, but it’s hard to listen without hearing the sonic cheese-ghost that is “Athena”.

The Doors: Ray Manzarek is a cash whore. He’s been raping the dead horse that is the legacy of Jim Morrison for over 30 years now by releasing a Greatest Hits package or box set every 13 days. Every time Manzarek opens the doors of perception he finds Morrison turning in his grave and giving him the finger.

The Rolling Stones: What can I say here? They’ve been pissing on themselves (literally and figuratively) since the mid 70’s. The final straw for me was seeing Jagger prancing with Bowie in the Dancing In The Street video.

R.E.M.: Haven’t released a decent album since their debut. There’s that, and there’s the unequivocal fact that Michael Stipe is an arrogant, pseudo intellectual turd.

Sex Pistols: Maybe they deserved to cash in, but I’m still pissed off!

INXS: That God-awful reality show where they tried to find a replacement for Michael Hutchence was just wrong…

AC/DC: For those about to change their colostomy bags, we salute you!

Oasis: The feud between the Gallagher brothers is finally over, but they should have split 6 albums ago.

Eagles: Hell should never have frozen over.

Queen: From pomp to pop to piss-poor, especially the team-up with the dude from Bad Company. Poor, poor Freddie. Brian, I’m ashamed of you!

Beach Boys: Kokomo.

U2: Ah Hell, F*&K it!