“Old man take a look at my life, I’m a lot like you…”

I walked into Dimple Records to do a little trading today. I had gathered up about 15 cd’s that I either didn’t listen to anymore or that I had grown out of and was excited to do a little bartering for some new ones.

So I come up to the counter, hand the clerk my bag ‘o’ music and he tells me he’ll be a few minutes evaluating the contents and why don’t I go browse for a while?


I figured I should have about $50 in trade from my stash and go about the business of finding some music. I grab the New York Dolls debut, the Repo Man Soundtrack, Pet Shop Boys special edition of Introspective and the DVD of Boogie Nights.

The clerk calls me over to tell me he’s done and my store credit comes to $49.77. Not bad, and my new stuff comes to $51.75 total, so I owe the man a whopping $1.98 which I put on my debit card.

“Hey man,” says the clerk as he’s ringing me up. “This is a pretty damn cool collection of stuff you brought in…”

(here it comes)

“Is it your son’s, or…”

“No, it’s mine. I’m older than I look. You know, the newspaper business is a bitch.”

“Sorry, no offense, I just figured that…” he stutters.

“None taken.” I respond as I grab my way-too-cool-for-an-old-cat-like-me goodies and slowly, sheepishly walk out the door.