Uncle E’s IPod Roulette

ipodgunIt’s time once again to risk embarrassment and my rock snob credentials with yet another installment of IPod Roulette. The rules remain the same: Put the gizmo on full library shuffle and document the song and artist in the order they come up. No cheating, no matter how disgraceful the choices. I’m goin’ for 25 this time, so lots of potential for failure. Ready? Here we go…

Wagon Wheel/ Lou Reed

Planets/ Teenage Fanclub

Too Sooner Later Than Better/ The Lilac Time

Loose Booty/ Funkadelic

Red Dust/ Zero 7

All My Loving/ The Beatles

Dunford’s Fancy/ The Waterboys

Rebecca Wants Her Bike Back/ The Jazz Butcher

Section 27: Mental Cabaret/ The Polyphonic Spree

Lowdown/ Boz Scaggs

Nevertheless/ The Rutles

One Cat, One Vote, One Beer/ Ry Cooder

Man That I’ve Become/ Nick Lowe

Belsen Was A Gas/ Sex Pistols

In The U.S.A./ Flamin’ Groovies

Go/ Squeeze

Southern Girls/ Cheap Trick

Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)/ Queen

Medley: Aquarius (Let The Sun Shine In)/ The Fifth Dimention

Is It My Body/ Alice Cooper

Disco 2000/ Pulp

Hello Sunshine/ Super Furry Animals

I Can Only Give You Everything/ MC5

La Madame On The Moon/ Bryan Scary And The Shredding Tears

The Shame Of Life/ Butthole Surfers