West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum/Country Club

God help me I think I’m actually starting to enjoy the new Kasabian album.kasabian

Sure it’s still quite “ladish” and all, but it’s got a groove running through it that’s quite enjoyable. It’s also quite psychedelic in places, which is to say that it’s more outlandish, orchestral and experimental than the last two efforts. Their first album was overrated, the second was bloated and pretentious but this, their third, is a much more self assured and coherant statement. And fun. Lyrically it’s still football gibberish, but musically there’s growth. Kasabian seem comfortable here, no longer content to just ape Primal Scream/Stone Roses/Happy Mondays. Makes me want to break out my CD single of Club Foot.

Like I said, “God help me.” 7/10


Also picked up Country Club by John Doe and The Sadies, and it’s a pretty special little record. The Sadies are Canada’s trad rock torch bearers and John Doe, well, if you don’t know who John Doe is go out and buy Los Angeles by the band X immediately. This album is primarily a traditional country covers album with a few originals by each artist. You probably know that  I don’t cotton too much to country music and I cannot abide the modern drivel that’s oozed out of Nashville over the last 30 or so years, but the reasons for my hatrid of said genre of music really isn’t the music itself. It’s the voices of modern country that make me want to jab a paring knife into my brain. And John Doe’s voice is anything but annoying. He’s got a way with his instrument that makes me see the dirt and grime and blood and guts that appeals to me in a very real way. And the Sadies do a damn fine job of keeping things tight, with the guitar playing an absolute highlight.  8/10johndoesadies