Best Of 2009 and Stayin’ Alive With AC/DC

album-ACDC-High-VoltageI always thought AC/DC were one of the best disco bands on the planet, and back in December over on my old blog  I was vindicated. Bon Scott era ‘DC is by far my favorite. Bon was sleaze personified but he always had his tongue planted firmly in…er…cheek. The rythm section was tight and groovy, especially the drum stylings of Mr. Phil Rudd. Simple repetitive dance rythms to back the monster riffs of Angus Young. And The Quietus, a site I have the utmost respect for, recently made the same argument, albeit in a much more concise and detailed manner.  Read it HERE.

It’s almost the end of June and I feel there’s a change comin’, although I don’t know what it is or where it’ll take us, but one thing I know for sure is that it’ll need a soundtrack. So on July 1 I think it’ll be time for my mid-year “Best Of 2009..So Far” list. It’s been a decent year and there’s more to come, more to look forward to, but if I don’t get some of these albums posted I may forget by the end of the year, so bear with me and my little exercise in futility will ya? It’s also a little self serving as I always look forward to reading your suggestions and discovering those albums I’m not aware of. Heh heh. Manipulative little F’er, but an honest little F’er!