Left Of The Dial

bloggerI think it’s about time that I gave some long overdue props to some of those fine folks I link to over there on the right rail under “Blogroll”. This’ll be done in 3 parts, so if you’re not mentioned in this little posting don’t fret ’cause you will be in the future. I wouldn’t link to ya if I didn’t like ya.

Hal’s PARTLY FICTION: Hal and his lovely familiy are good friends of the E household. He’s a helicopter pilot by day, devoted husband and dad by night (excellently documented on his other blog, DISPATCHES FROM THE AWAY DAD NATION) and a fantastic fiction writer whenever the mood hits him. His writing style is extremely human with a touch of vicious humor thrown in for good measure. He’s spoken to me about a desire to write a novel, and this blog, I imagine, is a way to get the ball rolling. Well worth your time.

A FUTURE IN NOISE is a fairly new discovery. A music blog that focuses it’s time on obscure new sounds and well worn aural pleasures. Some recent postings have included the art of Bob Dylan and an oh so complete and very well thought out synopsis of Post Punk. Variety abounds here.

ANY MAJOR DUDE WITH HALF A HEART has been on my blogroll for well over a year now and it’s one of my frequent landing sites when I’m surfin’ the net. Any self respecting rock snob would assume that  this may be a blog dedicated to that band who took it’s name from a dildo in that book by William Burroghs, but you’d be wrong. It’s so much more, with excellent “Intro Quizes”, “Great Moustaches In Rock”, covering such diverse artists as Dexy’s Midnight Runners to The Beatles to Ray Charles.

THE QUIETUS  has morphed into the mac-daddy of alternative music sites. Intelligent album  reviews, unique band interviews (Kraftwerk!), film reviews and, but of course, the always angst ridden Mr. Agreeable!! All encompasing and very entertaining, this is your one-stop pop culture stop.

BLEEDIN’ OUT, authored by a member of the band Caterwaul Of Sound, is an all out assault on the aural senses. Come on, he’s a fan of the Damned, he’s gotta have good taste!!

HOME FRONT is poker pal, novelist and now Hollywood big-wig Steve Brewer’s blog on life working out of your home. He likes to think he’s funny, and most of the time he actually is I am loathe to admit, and he updates with the regularity of a well oiled lower intestine. He’s too tall for my liking, and hairier than me, but that’s ok because he’s one talented mo-fo! Check him out, buy his books and rent his movie on DVD which comes out soon!

MARK MY WORDS and THE SONG IN MY HEAD TODAY are two blogs that I never tire of, I just really wish they’d update ’em more often. Mark is more of an “everything goes” kind of a guy and Holly over at The Song…is more militant about her blog concept, focusing on the dissection of a particular song that suits her mood for that day. Both are very entertaining, and both have excellent taste in music! Robyn Hitchcock, Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe and The Kinks are favorite blog topics, which is why I keep going back time and time again. It makes me wish they lived down the block so we could swap CD’s…

SPATULA FORUM is authored by a journalist from New Zealand (tell me if I’m wrong here, Nik) who shares my affiinty for comic books, Wilco and the day to day excitement that is raising a young family.  He takes some marvelous photos to accompany his posts and seems to have a hell of a lot of fun squeezing every ounce of life out of…well, life.

The last prop on this particular installment of “Left Of The Dial” goes to Simon over in the United Kingdom with his excellent blog entitled THE SONGS THAT PEOPLE SING. Motown, Elvis Costello, The Beatles and photos of scrambled eggs abound. This blog is the aural equivalent of a Jackson Pollock painting; all over the place and a delight to look at.