The Year The Media Died, Flaming Lips Album Update And Misc. Nonsense

So it would appear that I have chosen a profession in an industry that is headed the way of the Betamax: The Daily Newspaper. But I am here to tell you that the news of it’s demise has been greatly exaggerated. Well, maybe not greatly exaggerated, as it certainly is in a hurtin’ state at the moment. Ad revenues tumbling down in every category (my end of it), journalists taking on multiple tasks, layoffs, furloughs, antiquated presses, the cost of paper, the list just goes on and on. Major metros are closing down at an alarming rate, and it ain’t all due to some guy named Craig either, although he certainly had a hand in it. The economy is partly to blame, as is the eco-unfriendly nature of our business. The youg-uns don’t have the time, the patience or the attention span for the big unwieldly broadsheet anymore. The days of sitting down with your morning paper and a cup of joe seem to be a thing of the past, something only the aged do. But I don’t think newspapers will ever truly go bye-bye.  To cop a phrase from Spinal Tap, “It’s appeal is just becoming more selective.” We’re becoming a “niche” product, something the minority, as opposed to the masses, covet.

We’re not the only ones in this boat, however. TV is going through exactly the same thing, although their particular nemisis is TIVO, as opposed to CRAIG-O, and it’s killing them. I’ve taken the Pepsi Challenge, and I’ll take my chances and continue to work for a newspaper, thank you very much!

Yes the internet has a lot to do with it, and to best illustrate my point here’s a jaunty little video sung to the tune of “American Pie”:

But you know, it’s also kind of an exciting time. Stressful? Certainly, but if those of us who have decided to stick it out survive and this industry comes up with the “magic solution” they’re so desperately searching for I truly believe we’ll be stronger and much better at what we do. Hang in there fellow journos/ad reps/press guys! It’ll all be over soon. One way or another…


The Flaming Lips have reported that they’re going to release a double album in late summer. Sounds pretentious, but I’m bettin’ that it’ll be a glorious mess!


So far I am loving the Robyn Hitchcock albums I downloaded, but I can’t seem to get “I Often Dream Of Trains” off rotation. It’s weird, but good weird, in the vein of Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd. I think I’m going to enjoy this journey…


Check out the Dude’s posts on “GREAT MOUSTACHES IN ROCK” over HERE. Great stuff!!


Actor David Carradine hung himself in Bangcock. In his own words, “When there is a right path and a wrong path, choosing neither or hiding behind a cloak of neutrality is the same thing as choosing the wrong path.”   R.I.P., BILL.