Top 50 Albums Of The ’80’s…

sandinista…again, as chosen by the nerds over at Pitchfork. This list, more than all of the others I’ve showcased, is more horse-patootie laden and seemingly chosen to solidify their “cool kid” status. I mean, can somebody really give me a solid arguement as to why Sonic Youth are constantly diefied as the best band of the ’80’s? Or, worse yet, the best band of the modern rock era?

And any list of the best music of the 1980’s that doesn’t contain the Pet Shop Boys “Introspective”, ABC’s “The Lexicon Of Love”, OMD’s “Architecture And Morality”, “Daft” by The Art Of Noise”, “Express” by Love And Rockets, “Sandinista!” by The Clash (hey, no matter what you think that album was quite the statement!) or Joe Jackson’s “Night And Day” isn’t worth a damn. Also, what about the Housemartins, Lilac Time, Nick Cave, Nick Lowe, The Pogues, PWEI, Prefab Sprout and especially the Psychedelic Furs and Simple Minds, whose early albums were simply some of the most exciting music of the decade?

I’ve gotta stop doing these Pitchfork lists. I get too fired up over the choices. The good news is it forces me to dig up all of those forgotten favorites and relive my teen years all over again, which is a blast. Uncle E says “RELAX”, peruse the below list and give me your opinions.

050: Spacemen 3
The Perfect Prescription
[Fire; 1987]





049: Mission of Burma
[Ace of Hearts; 1982]





048: R.E.M.
[IRS; 1987]





047: John Zorn
Naked City
[Tzadik; 1989]





046: XTC
English Settlement
[Virgin; 1982]





045: Prince
Sign ‘O’ The Times
[Paisley Park/Warner Bros; 1987]





044: Kraftwerk
Computer World
[Warner Bros; 1981]





043: Run-DMC
Raising Hell
[Profile; 1986]





042: Cowboy Junkies
The Trinity Session
[RCA; 1988]





041: Beastie Boys
Licensed to Ill
[Def Jam; 1986]
040: Dinosaur Jr.
You’re Living All Over Me
[SST; 1987]



 039: The Stone Roses
The Stone Roses
[Silvertone; 1989]

038: The Cure
[Fiction/Elektra; 1989]






037: The Replacements
[Sire; 1985]





036: Violent Femmes
Violent Femmes
[Rough Trade; 1983]





035: N.W.A.
Straight Outta Compton
[Ruthless/Priority; 1988]
034: Talk Talk
Spirit of Eden
[EMI; 1988]



033: The Fall
Hex Enduction Hour
[Kamera; 1982]





032: Husker Du
Zen Arcade
[SST; 1984]





031: Sonic Youth
[SST; 1986]
030: U2
The Joshua Tree
[Island; 1987]
029: The Replacements
Let It Be
[Twin/Tone; 1984]
028: New Order
Power, Corruption & Lies
[Factory; 1983]

027: Michael Jackson
[Epic; 1982]
026: Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Get Happy
[Columbia; 1980]
025: Black Flag
[SST; 1981]
024: Gang of Four
Solid Gold
[Warner Bros; 1981]

023: The Jesus & Mary Chain
[Blanco y Negro/Warner Bros; 1985]
022: My Bloody Valentine
Isn’t Anything
[Creation/Sire; 1988]



021: Brian Eno & David Byrne
My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
[Sire; 1981]





020: This Heat
[Rough Trade; 1981]





019: Public Image, Ltd.
Second Edition
[Virgin; 1980]





018: De La Soul
3 Feet High and Rising
[Tommy Boy; 1989]
017: Minutemen
Double Nickels on the Dime
[SST; 1984]



016: Galaxie 500
On Fire
[Rough Trade; 1989]





015: XTC
[Virgin; 1986]
014: Sonic Youth
[SST; 1987]



013: The Fall
This Nation’s Saving Grace
[Beggars Banquet; 1985]





012: Prince & The Revolution
Purple Rain
[Warner Bros; 1984]





011: Tom Waits
[Island; 1983]
010: Joy Division
[Factory; 1980]



009: Public Enemy
It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
[Def Jam; 1988]
008: Tom Waits
Rain Dogs
[Island; 1985]



007: Pixies
Surfer Rosa
[4AD; 1988]





006: The Smiths
The Queen Is Dead
[Sire; 1986]
005: R.E.M.
[IRS; 1983]



004: Pixies
[4AD; 1989]





003: Beastie Boys
Paul’s Boutique
[Capitol; 1989]





002: Talking Heads
Remain in Light
[Sire; 1980]





001: Sonic Youth
Daydream Nation
[Blast First/Enigma; 1987]