File Under: Fun With Prog

trollsRegular readers will no doubt be aware of my, ahem, “issue” with prog rock, and by “issue” I mean weakness. I dig some of it, I can’t help it! I occasionally pray to the alter of Alan Parsons and have been known to sing along to By-Tor And The Snow Dog by Rush.

But MY GOD do prog bands have some dumb-ass names! Monikers such as “White Willow”, “Quasar”, “Qwaarn”, “Gak Omec”, “Spock’s Beard”, “Octopus Syng” and, for real, “Peter Pan”.

Feeling in a cheeky mood during lunch today I jotted down some possible prog band names of my own and thought I’d share. For all of my proggy friends out there I’m just kiddin’ around and I encourage you who are prone to sarcasm and creative thinking to join in on the fun and come up with a few on your own. It’s easy! Just think of any Norse God, your favorite beverage,  a random adverb and you’re there!

Johnson’s Willicker

The Devil’s Altoids

Thor’s Bunions

Pan’s Flute Excursions

Earlobe Concubine

Wraith Bandages Of Roanoke

Loki’s Triuumph

Wrath Of Svend

Dante’s Latte

The Trolls Of Bangladesh

Spyy Kwesst

Brain Enigma

Poetic Rhunestone

Hugin And Mugin

 Frjadagr’s Sacrifice

Clickety-Click Barba Trick

Poker-oo’s Of The Damned

Triangle Jelly

Grimm’s Sad Saga

The Whores Of Damacles