The 20 Greatest Albums Of The 70’s…

Maggot_Brain-Funkadelic-Front…as picked by the music snobs over at Pitchfork. You know, I don’t have a problem with most of these here, even the order seems right.  It’s a much better list than their “Top Songs Of The 60’s” I posted a while back. For YOU regular readers of The Nightmare you will have no doubt guessed that I would’ve included Nick Lowe’s “Jesus Of Cool”, Alice Cooper’s “Billion Dollar Babies”, Big Star’s “#1 Record”, The Damned debut, Costello’s “This Year’s Model”, Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon”, Lou Reed’s “Transformer”, something from Neil Young and Queen and, quite possibly, Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours”. But that’s nitpicking, innit?
020: T.Rex
Electric Warrior
[Reprise; 1971]
019: Can
Ege Bamyasi
[United Artists; 1972]

018: Miles Davis
Bitches Brew
[Columbia; 1970]



017: Funkadelic
Maggot Brain
[Westbound; 1971]



016: Buzzcocks
Singles Going Steady
[IRS; 1979]



015: The Who
Who’s Next
[Decca; 1971]



014: The Velvet Underground
[Cotillion/Atlantic; 1971]



013: Nick Drake
Pink Moon
[Island; 1972]



012: The Stooges
[Elektra; 1970]



011: Rolling Stones
Exile on Main Street
[Rolling Stones; 1972]
010: Brian Eno
Another Green World
[Island; 1975]

 009: Joy Division
Unknown Pleasures
[Factory; 1979]

008: Gang of Four
[Warner Bros; 1979]



007: Led Zeppelin
[Atlantic; 1971]



006: Kraftwerk
Trans-Europe Express
[Capitol; 1977]



005: Bob Dylan
Blood on the Tracks
[Columbia; 1975]



004: Sly & The Family Stone
There’s a Riot Goin’ On
[Epic; 1971]



003: Television
Marquee Moon
[Elektra; 1977]



002: The Clash
London Calling
[CBS; 1979]



001: David Bowie
[RCA; 1977]