Monthly Archive: May, 2009

Pills, Thrills, Ecstasy and Bellyaches

There was a time between 1989-1995 where electronic dance textures and the psychedelic experimentation of the late 1960’s merged to create a glorious new noise. I suppose one could argue that it started… Continue reading

Robyn Hitchcock

E-Music put a horse’s head in my bed. That is to say that they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: come back, spend $11.99, and we’ll give you 105 downloads. Which I… Continue reading

Top 50 Albums Of The ’80’s…

…again, as chosen by the nerds over at Pitchfork. This list, more than all of the others I’ve showcased, is more horse-patootie laden and seemingly chosen to solidify their “cool kid” status. I mean,… Continue reading

The EELS, Hombre Lobo

The Eels new one, due out June 2, has got me extremely excited. I’ve heard the single and snippits from the rest and it sounds great. All that talk about The Eels sounding like… Continue reading

File Under: Fun With Prog

Regular readers will no doubt be aware of my, ahem, “issue” with prog rock, and by “issue” I mean weakness. I dig some of it, I can’t help it! I occasionally pray to… Continue reading

A New IPod Is A Comin’

My boss gave me a carrot to shoot for and I snatched it! That carrot was a new 80GB iPod and I’m psyched! Black face this time. Will be downloading for the next… Continue reading

A Beautiful Day

A really good bottle of merlot, brie cheese and toasted crusty  bread with a side of E.V.O.O.  and aged balsamic, house scrubbed and cleaned within an inch of it’s life, 5 really great… Continue reading

Lenny Kravitz Is A Very Funny Man

Lenny Kravitz says in a recent article discussing the up and coming reissue of his debut album “Let Love Rule” that he’s “not the kind of person who spends much time thinking about… Continue reading

The 20 Greatest Albums Of The 70’s…

…as picked by the music snobs over at Pitchfork. You know, I don’t have a problem with most of these here, even the order seems right.  It’s a much better list than their… Continue reading

Best Albums Of 2009

Well, we’re barely 1/3 of the way through 2009 and I can count the great albums released this year thus far on one hand. If this continues I won’t have enough to do… Continue reading