Nick Lowe’s Best Stuff, As Compiled By Uncle E

nickThe new Nick Lowe comp, entitled “Quiet Please…” is a good primer, full of excellent tunes spanning Nick’s career from The Brinsley’s to At My Age. Inspired, I sifted through the man’s back catalogue and came up with my own “Greatest Hits” package. I happen to think it’s far superior and a little more representative, but then again these things are so subjective and personal. For all of you Lowe-Heads out there, how’d I do? What did I leave off? Any surprises?

Funk Angel (Brinsley Schwarz)

Ju Ju Man (Brinsley Schwarz)

(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love And Understanding? (Brinsley Schwarz)

Run Rudolph Run (Brinsley Schwarz)

So It Goes

Music For Money

Nutted By Reality

Cruel To Be Kind (Original Version–Brinsley Schwarz?)

Heart Of The City

Marie Provost

Cracking Up

Big Kick, Plain Scrap

American Squirm

Without Love

When I Write The Book (Rockpile)

Now And Always (Rockpile)

Play That Fast Thing (One More Time) (Rockpile)

Raging Eyes

I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock And Roll)

Now And Always


36 Inches High

You Got The Look I Like

Gai-Gin Man

What’s Shakin’ On The Hill

All Men Are Liars

Big Hair

Baby It’s You (with Elvis Costello)

Rocky Road (demo, 1989)

Losin’ Boy (home recording)

Lonely Just Like Me (home recording)

Dream Girl (live, Europe, 1995)

Lovers Jamboree

The Gee And The Rick And The Three Card Trick

The Rose Of England

Soulful Wind

The Beast In Me

I Live On A Battlefield

She’s Got Soul

I’m A Mess

(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love And Understanding? (Live, from Untouched Takeaway)

You Inspire Me (Live, from Untouched Takeaway)

A Better Man

Long Limbed Girl

The Club

Hope For Us All

People Change

A Man In Love