Australia Vs England

This is one of the most gut-bustingly funny things I’ve read in a very long time. Two of the writers over at The Quietus, including the original Mr Agreeable David Stubbs, are debating which country produced the best rock music/bands. It’s not as clear cut as you might think, although I think Mr Stubbs has a leg up…

Here’s a snippit, and when you’re done click the link at the end to laugh your ass off!

DAVID STUBBS: “Australian music has undergone but scant evolution. First, AC/DC, then Men Without Hats – who turn out, on closer inspection, to be Canadian.”

ANDREW MUELLER: “As for Stubbs’ sneering at AC/DC let the record show that he has already, with characteristic Albionish perfidy, asked our host to impose a limit on the numbers of their tracks I may play, much in the manner of some snivelling pommy batsman whining to the umpire about Dennis Lillee bowling too many bouncers.

You’re going to have considerable difficulty looking down your nose like that after April 11th – for that is the date upon which said proboscis will be comprehensively bloodied by the combined might of Hunters & Collectors, Ed Kuepper, Radio Birdman and Midnight Oil, among others.”


Oh my gosh, Mueller, forgive my delay in responding to your latest missive but – I’m giving very serious thought to throwing in the towel! I imagined that when you entered into this thing, we’d be sticking to conventional weapons, you know, me The Beatles, you AC/DC – I never realised you’d roll out the nuclear option of Midnight Oil! You’ll blow me out of the water and you know it! I beg of you, please, to keep the thing sporting, please don’t push the red button marked “Midnight Oil” and annihilate me! I’d have no chance! Why, as long as there is a universe, as long as there has been a universe, there never has been, never will be as good a band as Midnight Oil! In case you haven’t noticed, folks, and Mueller, being Oceanically disadvantaged is only on the point of noticing, I’m being sarcastic! Midnight Oil! You’ll clear the postal district if you play that windsock full of bilge!”