Nearly Back From The Dead

Eyes still burning, semi congested and physically wiped out, about 60%. Being absent from blogging one full week I’m afraid I may have lost 50% of my readership (yes Phil, I’m talking about YOU). Can’t type too long, much…too…weak…still, but feel I need to at least fill you in on my intentions on what’s to come in the weeks (nay, probably months) ahead.

Record reviews on Brinsley Schwarz, Badfinger, Lilac Time, new Pet Shop Boys and Super Furry Animals, The Devils (a very “special” album!), The Wedding Present and many more.

Some book and comic (ahem, excuse me. GRAPHIC NOVEL) reviews and opinions.

And, if time permits, another instalment of Radiohead’s Bogus Band Bio, although I think SIMON was right about the curse thing and I’m a little concerned…

And a bunch more bullshit.

By the way, I was watching Braveheart over the weekend and couldn’t help but think that it would have been a really great movie if it wasn’t for the overacting and freakin’ terrible accent from Mel Gibson. Am I alone here?

Lastly, a special thanks to my frozen friend to the North, Rumproast, for providing the fodder for the next couple of months postings. Very much appreciated, sir!