Still Here…

…albeit in a less multifarious and prolific way. I’m awaiting  a package of new music that promises to give me much fodder for future reviews on The Nightmare and I am currently composing the newsest addition to the “Bogus Band Bio” franchise with Radiohead as my subject du jour. Should be a fun one; I think the time is ripe to knock Radiohead down a few pegs anyway. It was between them and U2, but Bono is far too easy a target.

I was thinking about lyrics the other day and how they’ve become a lot less important in my overall enjoyment of music lately. I wondered what had happened because they used to be of paramount importance. I think that the main reason is that with CD’s the liner notes are usually so freakin’ tiny that I can’t be bothered, therefore I never really study them like I used to with vinyl LP’s. Also, with Vinyl, you had the time to really study the lyrics. Becoming married and responsible (sort of, anyway) now I have to sort of prioritize my down time and it becomes less and less likely that I can spend more than a couple of minutes sitting down in my recliner with the headphones on and really absorb an album and it’s lyrics in peace without getting interrupted. Thank God for the commute.

On a related note my eldest daughter (81/2) is getting really good at playing “Name That Band” in the mornings. She went 6 for 6 the other day on the way to school and they weren’t the easiest of choices either. They were: Bob Dylan, M Ward, The Flaming Lips, LCD Soundsystem, E.L.O. and The Beatles. I was/am ubber impressed. She’s got mad skills, she does. But I know that when she turns into a  (gulp! gasp! choke!) teenager that her musical tastes will change dramatically and probably turn to some American Idol wannabe, but for now I am secure and happy in the fact that she can identify the Flaming Lips and Bob Dylan in the same sitting.

And from the “Who Gives A Rat’s Ass Files”…Kate Moss is appearing on the new Lemonheads album, Kasabian is previewing tracks from their newest and Soundgarden is reforming. Wow, color me bored out of my mind.

But here’s an interesting little article on how fans are paying top dollar for box sets with some interesting commentary on the state of the music industry. READ MORE HERE.

And just for fun here are some search words and phrases that my “dashboard” tells me people typed in to arrive at my site: “Rick Astley, Ullulators, Brian Cranston Naked, Freak Bros, Smashing A Computer and Boned (!). Hope they found what they were looking for. 

That’s all I have for this beautiful, sunny Saturday folks. I’ve got to go more the lawn, plant some trees and delve into yet another F. Paul Wilson novel. Back in a few…