Let’s Get This Over With, Shall We?


So I’ve managed to avoid participating in the “Top 25 Random Things About Me” thingy that’s sweeping the internet currently mostly due to the fact that I don’t think people give a royal hoot about my personal life. But if y’all will stop bugging me about it and never ask me to do another one of these lists I’ll go ahead and post.



I have done over 100 restaurant reviews for various newspapers during my 20 or so years in the business. If any of you want excellent service at a restaurant all you’ve gotta do is bring a pad and a pen with you and start asking the waitress lots of questions…

My favorite movie of all time is Boogie Nights.

I was born in Cupertino, California, grew up in Canada and moved back to California in 1993.

I’ve always wanted to live in England. Or Scotland.

I have virtually every MAD magazine/comic book since 1953 and a whole bunch of other vintage E.C. comics (Weird Science/Tales From The Crypt, etc).

My middle name is Rex.

I stole 3 hamburgers from a 7-11 while in college. I also rolled my own cigarettes.

I used to own a pair of Yugoslavian army boots.

Although I’m spiritual in my own way I never cared much for organized religion. I don’t judge others it’s just not my bag.

I’m a huge Steven King fan.

I really do not like telephones.

I cannot put wood anywhere near my mouth nor can I stand to watch someone do it. It’s abhorrent to me.

I never finished college, something I regret to this day (although I don’t believe it’s actually hurt me in my career).

I can juggle.

I crack my knuckles constantly and still bite my fingernails.

I am currently writing a novel entitled “Diary Of An Adman”. For my own edification, nothing more.

I’ve never really cared for chocolate.

I was a competitive swimmer during my teens and my time for the back stroke was good enough to attract the interest of some professional scouts. Starting smoking nipped that in the bud.

I cannot iron a dress shirt and I hate wearing a tie.

I was kicked off the school “Bus Patrol” for beating up a bully. While still on the school bus, and in uniform (little red sash, badge, etc).

I self-published, with a friend, a humor publication entitled “The International Anarchist News” during high school.

I attempted to play bass in a band which covered RUSH tunes. It all went horribly wrong…

I was a DJ for a spell at a University radio station in Hamilton, Ontario Canada.

My car is always messy. I blame it on my job, but it’s really because I just don’t give a shit.

I really hate talking about myself.