Merriweather Post Pavilian


Cool cover, eh?

This is the newsest from avant-garde musos Animal Collective and if you believe all the recent hype it’s the BEST DAMN ALBUM…EVER!!! Critics have been drooling over it for weeks now, using such terms as “utterly magnificent”, “ethereal” and “a veritable cornucopia of musical delights…better than an orgasm on acid!”

Ok I made that last one up, but it pretty much describes the general critical consensus. I decided to purchase it today with my hopes high but realistic. I was fairly “meh” about Panda Bear’s (one of the members of AC–they all have cute nom de plume’s, isn’t that soooo darn creative?) solo album Person Pitch. I thought it quite boring and more than a tad pretentious. This album, however, is quite an interesting little bugger. It combines  noise rock, ambient drone, psychedelia and a fantastic sense of melody to great effect. The one issue I have: the vocals. Not that they’re bad (I actually like left-of-the-dial vocals!), it’s just that they’re the same as every other indie band out there at the moment. Choral-like, echoey, in the background, unintelligible. Brian Wilson yelling from the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

I get it, ok? Out of chaos comes beauty, it’s a pure sonic experience, yadda yadda yadda. It’s the My Bloody Valentine syndrome all over again. And I never really got them either. I mean, I liked “Loveless” but I sure didn’t love it. I can appreciate it’s significance but it’s never going to be in my back pack should I find myself stranded on a desert island.

Look, before all you AC nuts out there start slamming me I actually quite like this album. I’ve only listened to it a couple of times, so perhaps it’ll grow on me.

But what a cover!